Sunday, July 3, 2016


It's taken me a little over two weeks after moving to feel settled enough to get back into my routine. Writing, eating, taking a shower and even walking the dog have all been upended and out of whack for these two weeks. But I am counting my blessings and can't even begin to imagine how those in turbulent life circumstances, like homelessness, are able to cope.

I still don't have a workable desk (but then, I didn't in my last home, either), don't have a workable file cabinet, one bed still needs to be put together, lots of work in the woods and lawn needs to be done, and other odds and ends, but I've done an incredible amount of work over the last two weeks and am plenty lucky.
Last week, from my yard
Today I plan to hit a ton of backlogged non-house work, including querying one of my picture book manuscripts (yet again), and working on NC State Advisory Council on Indian Education things so I can hit the week writing the first draft of my middle grade novel on Tuesday (yep, I'll take that holiday Monday!).

Pics of visitors from the past two weeks (excluding the rabbits and moles):

What I discovered one morning in the kitchen trash can I washed out and left on the driveway to dry the night before. Point of note for fellow mouse lovers: that trash can was clean when I went to bed. One mouse did all those yuckies. No idea how it got in there since I left the trash can standing straight up.

I went outside to take a pic of the frog on the deck roof overhang thingy this morning. The hummers were more comfortable with me this week and finally came to the feeder while I was out there. Look way up at the top to see the frog. Hummingbird flying in from the right.

Frog and two hummers this morning. One hummer is on the feeder at the right, the other flying at the left.

And then these were taken the first week I moved in, through the (dirty) kitchen window and screen since the hummers weren't yet comfortable with me. There has been a lot of activity and hummingbird drama at the feeder. Pretty sure there's a hummingbird nest wedged in the elbow of one of my gutter downspouts.
Flying Hummy

Shark Attack ala Jaws (look below)

Drama at the Feeder
Thank you, thank you, friends and family who have helped (and will be helping) in this move! I have the bestest peeps ever. And it's nice to be back in my family's home county (well, one of them) - family to help in so many ways, one of them being keeping an eye out for me and mine (as in, my daughter was foiled from buying beer at the Sheetz because a cousin was there. She then went to the grocery story but I was there. She's of age and can make her own choices, but it's kind of nice to know that I'll hear about things....). 

Thank you Henry and Nancy, Otis, LaBron, Teryn, Randi, Tanya, Dave, and Jamie!


  1. I love watching the hummingbirds. It is so hot and dry here in Georgia that I try to have water set out for the wildlife.
    Moving is a challenge. I am a packrat and have made one big move years ago and an even bigger move of my mother 13 years ago. Now I am getting rid of things. I'm 60 and see so much as a burden more than a possession.

    1. I know what you mean about getting rid of things. I'm a purger, not a pack rat, and I've been purging for the last two years in preparation for this move! And it still seemed like a ton of stuff to move and settle!

  2. Kara,
    I'm happy to hear you are settling in to your new home. I loved the rainbow photo and your hummingbirds. Thanks for sharing this special time with us.


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