Thursday, August 13, 2015

Staying Untangled

I know for sure that I cannot be creative if/when I am frazzled, exhausted, or stressed. For the past few months, walking has helped with that.

What my brain, emotions, nerves, and jaw feel like when I don't walk:

What my brain, emotions, nerves and jaw feel like when I walk most days:

As writers and creative people, we each need to figure out what will get us untangled to allow those free-flowing thoughts to pop into our brains. I fought walking for a good long while for lots of reasons, not the least of which is that I truly would rather sit on the sofa with a pack of Oreos.

So I have decided to think of it not as a hated thing I must do because the doctor said so, yada yada yada, but as a treat I give myself. Thirty minutes of untangling to free my creativity.

Me, walking:

I know the trick will be to keep it up when school is back in session (that would be two days from now). But it's my treat, right? I can treat myself.


  1. Kara,
    I love this. I tell people, I go to the gym to work off my nerves. Really, it helps me cope! I miss it when I can't go or do some type of physical exercise. Keep treating yourself!

  2. I love walking. Once you make it part of your lifestyle, you'll wonder why you never did it before. Then I started jogging, and now I can't imagine not doing that. When I have trouble writing, jogging always clears my head - and makes my dog happy to. As they say ... Keep on walkin'

  3. Thanks, Linda and Kristina! Motivation!


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