Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Journey Continues

I have been struggling with PiBoIdMo. I started off completely gung-ho, sure I would get at least one idea down per day.

Then life happened. And between one thing and another, I haven't had time to write down, let alone think of, a picture book idea in five days.

I wrote down my idea for today and then had much mental gnashing of teeth for the lost five days. Then for some unknown reason, I clicked over to my other blog (which I don't necessarily keep active) and saw that my one post that I wrote over two years ago FOR ME AND ME ALONE has about quadruple the number of hits as my next highest post. I so wrote that for me and me alone that I didn't even put any search labels on it. I just knew that I needed to have a post that would bring me calm just looking at the photos, which are of my personal haven. The photos wouldn't even mean anything or have any emotional impact to people who don't know the place.

So why the 1,200 hits? I don't have a clue. I'd be interested to know, but still, the purpose of that post was for me.

This got me thinking about my gnashing of teeth over my five day lull in PiBoIdMo. I'm participating in PiBoIdMo for me. My participation is for me and me alone. If I can keep up with an idea a day, that's great. If not, well, okay. It's just for me.

And to take this concept larger, the picture books (or MG or YA) I write should be FOR ME. They should speak to MY heart and give a piece of myself. If I write an idea because it was cute, fluffy, funny, it's a 'hot topic' at the moment or it seemed acceptable at the time, but it doesn't speak to MY heart and isn't a piece of ME that I am giving, I think there is far less chance that it will 'work'.


  1. Kara,
    "To thine own self be true." Is the post you are referring to called "Haven?" If so, I can see why that might get lots of hits. We all need a safe haven! I enjoyed reading that one too! Write down all your ideas for PiBoIdMo and go with those that speak to your heart to develop into stories. You'll know which ones they are.

    1. Yes, Linda, it was Haven. I didn't tweet, facebook, Google + it or any other promotion. I wouldn't think if you didn't know the place my photos would be all that meaningful. But I guess you never know! Yes, that is my haven. I hope you have found yours. :)

  2. Kara,
    I can relate. I have decided that PiBoIdMo is not only to try and be more aware of possible pic book ideas around me, but more so to have fun. My ideas will develop at their own pace. :) I enjoyed reading your piece. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Exactly, Jennifer! Thank you for your comment.


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